Semi-Private or Small Group Training

Create your own group with friends or join an existing group.

By training in a small group setting our trainers will customize the sessions to fit your needs and based on your personal goals.

Small group trainings are a maximum of 4 people per session in order to guarantee the individual attention you deserve.


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About Us


Uvolution Fitness & Martial Arts is one the best physical conditioning and martial arts clubs in Montreal. We specialize in physical conditioning and functional training while focusing on strength, cardio vascular endurance, mobility, agility and flexibility for optimale performance in and out of the gym and always geared towards the improvement of general health. Uvolution Martial Arts offers Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Capoeira classes with highly qualified and certified instructors. Join us today for a trial class and discover how we can make U evolve!

Contact Us

Phone: (514) 766-8894
4052 Wellington Street, Montreal, Quebec H4G 1V3