Kids Muay Thai

Muay Thai is deeply rooted in Thai history and culture. It is a way of life in Thailand. Martial arts, in general, are not solely about fighting but they also teach respect, discipline and a sense of family with your team. One of the principles of Muay Thai is respect! Respect for your team, the gym, the equipment and your Instructor.

Before any punch or kick is thrown, the first lesson Kru Ash will teach his students is respect and the traditions of Muay Thai. At the beginning and at the end of every class, we greet each other by gracefully raising both hands near the head and pressing our palms together, as in prayer, and we say “Sawadee Krap” if you’re a male or “Sawadee Kaa” if you are a female. This gesture is called a “Wai” and it’s our traditional and current way of greeting and showing respect to each other.

The second lesson that Kru Ash teaches the new students is how to develop sense of family and what the reasons behind it. Everyone comes from a different background, have different skill levels and different levels of fitness but we all start at the same place from which we learn and grow together as a family.

These values help children learn how to perfectly behave in social environments and help them in life as they grow up. Not to mention that the skills of knowing how to defend yourself is indeed very important for protection against potential bullying but also to know that physical contact of that sort has no place in the life of civilized human beings and that has to be left in the gym with proper protection

We are able to adapt Muay Thai whatever your goal may be. Looking for a good workout, learn how to defend yourself, becoming a fighter or simply get in shape, Kru Ash’s training system at Uvolution will help you reach your goals. For more information please contact us.

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