Why are we different?

You get personal attention, coaching, and feedback every single time you come to the gym. You get support, encouragement, and a plan that works for you. You’ll find no machines and especially no egos at Uvolution Fitness.

Uvolution Fitness is also about teamwork. We work together and encourage each other to learn how to improve skills. We do a ‘workout of the day’ where everyone trains at their own level. You will train in the most effective way for U to improve.

So how does Uvolution Fitness training keep me fit and healthy?

Here you get fit with natural, functional, full-body movement, like pushing and pulling, climbing and running. 
 We emphasize movement not muscles!

What’s the benefit to me?

The benefit to you is that you receive the guidance, motivation, and accountability of expert trainers and the group members at every single workout.

Members at Uvolution Fitness experience body transformations. You can expect to get leaner, improve your range of motion, and improve your balance and overall conditioning and strength.

When you train consistently at Uvolution Fitness and follow our challenge programs you will experience many of the following:

  • Tightening your belt a little
  • Standing taller
  • Having less joint pain
  • Being able to move around more freely
  • Sleeping better
  • Impressing your doctor with your test results
  • Getting fewer cold & flu viruses
  • Improving your energy overall
  • Having more stable energy

What is functional fitness?

Your body is a chain of muscles linked together, that work as a complete unit to help you do activities, like play sports, drive a car, or walk the dog. By doing exercises that work your whole body as a unit, you gain functional strength and stability. You work your CORE in almost every move which builds abs without hundreds of boring, ineffective sit-ups.

What is bodyweight training?

When you use the weight of your body during an exercise, like crawling, lunging, jumping, or climbing, this is bodyweight training. It helps build functional strength – the kind of strength you can actually use: like shoveling snow, throwing a ball, carrying kids or riding a bike. Bodyweight movements are typically full-body movements.

Will I get big and bulky by working out at Uvolution Fitness?

You will get an athlete’s build: lean muscle, less fat, good range of motion and agility… but no bulking up like the Hulk, that is not what we do.

How do I join?

It’s a really simple process – send us an email to info@uvolutionfitness.com and a staff member will get back to you shortly. Or come in a see us to sign-up and choose the right package for you and your lifestyle.

Can I try you classes before joining?

Yes, you can try a class before joining Uvolution Fitness. Call us to sign-up for the class of your choice.

Does Uvolution Fitness offer corporate rates?

Fit For Work are our corporate rates and programs. For more information on Fit For Work please contact us by phone.

What benefits will I get if I refer a friend?

If you refer a friend to sign-up up at Uvolution Fitness you will receive 1 month free.

What do I need to bring to class?

It’s important to have a good sport shoe designed for high-intensity workouts and that the shoes fit your feet properly.

If you are bringing your own water bottle, we have a filtered water fountain for you to refill your bottle and if you forgot your bottle we sell Boxed Water.

What’s the optimal number of workouts to do in a week to really see good results and lose weight?

The number of workouts you perform a week is really up to you.

If you are new to exercise, 2 workouts a week with days off in between is a great start. As you feel your fitness improve, you can aim for 3-4 workouts with a day off in between. Getting adequate recovery between workouts is important.

Listening to your body is crucial. If you are feeling sick, have flu like symptoms, or have just had a surgery, or have any other illness or injury then please consult with your doctor or be extremely cautious. Also, advise our instructors if you have any injuries that may hamper your performance.

What makes the classes at Uvolution Fitness the Ultimate Full Body Workout?

Uvolution Fitness is committed to providing their clients with the ultimate FULL BODY WORKOUT. All our classes are taught by the finest certified fitness instructors in the Montreal Industry. Our professional Instructors create a new workout every time, they know how to motivate the members and they know the importance of correcting form when needed or giving exercise options. We are serious about our programs. We spend time developing our classes and creating a schedule that gives our clients a fitness solution that really works. All of this is done in our training facility that is designed with efficiency in mind. We are not a big box gym nor are we a boutique gym. We are a unique facility that provides the best equipment and the best instructors which equals great results. Our classes are FUN, EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT!


Do I need to make a reservation for a class or just show up?

To ensure that you get a spot in the class, we suggest reserving online or by phone. However, if you would simply like to show up, we welcome you just the same.

Do I need to check in before class?

Yes. Even if you have reserved for a class online, you need to check-in at the front desk prior to entering the class.

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About Us


Uvolution Fitness & Martial Arts is one the best physical conditioning and martial arts clubs in Montreal. We specialize in physical conditioning and functional training while focusing on strength, cardio vascular endurance, mobility, agility and flexibility for optimale performance in and out of the gym and always geared towards the improvement of general health. Uvolution Martial Arts offers Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Capoeira classes with highly qualified and certified instructors. Join us today for a trial class and discover how we can make U evolve!

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