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This class aims at building a strong core, correct muscle imbalances, improve posture and develop the posterior chain while also getting a great ab workout.

Proper core strength training stabilizes the spine in the neutral position throughout every type of movement. When you teach yourself to maintain the neutral posture while performing any type of weight training or athletic movement, you generate the most power in the safest possible way. This translates to keeping your joints (especially the lower back) protected while also using the body as one single unit.

Training and strengthening of the core muscle groups that are critical for maximum upper to lower body (or lower to upper body) transfer of strength during many sporting activities. Some may consider this functional training, and still some others may consider it athletic performance training.

By using core strength training as your basis for creating a fitness program, you are teaching all the individual parts of your body to work together as one unit. This is beneficial in everything from everyday living to athletics and is the foundational principle behind functional fitness.


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Uvolution Fitness & Martial Arts is one the best physical conditioning and martial arts clubs in Montreal. We specialize in physical conditioning and functional training while focusing on strength, cardio vascular endurance, mobility, agility and flexibility for optimale performance in and out of the gym and always geared towards the improvement of general health. Uvolution Martial Arts offers Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Capoeira classes with highly qualified and certified instructors. Join us today for a trial class and discover how we can make U evolve!

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